Failure Soup: The Story Behind Content Healing

by Lawyer James on

Image of baby learning
In the earlier stages of life, I struggled with distributing content in a prosperous and consistent manner – making the content I was distributing useless. Of course, I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I also took away one very important lesson from my journey: bad content starts early.

As a child, knowledge acquisition is an integral part of development. By consuming information in the proper doses, children are able to actively progress through their childhood years. The stages of child-feeding is one example of this progress: after birth, a child feeds off of milk for a certain period of time before advancing to the next level. In this next level, the child is introduced to substances of different consistencies and, as time progresses, they eventually graduate to eating things such as meat.

Does this make sense?

This same concept of progression applies to all situations. If you don’t believe me, try this: remove these words from the above sentences and replace them with words that apply to your present situations: birth, child, milk, substances, eating and meat. For example, let’s put these words in their place: surveying market styles, marketer, consumer interests, opportunities, kinds, developing, a content strategy.

Now the sentences read:

“After surveying market styles, a marketer feeds off of consumer interests for a certain period of time before advancing to the next level. In this next level, the marketer is introduced to opportunities of different kinds and, as time progresses, eventually graduates to developing things like a content strategy.”

Learn The Truth About Content

The content healing process happens when you’re able to understand the art of communicating.

Most marketers live in the failure soup of bad ideas.

How does this happen? Marketer start forgetting the normal way of doing things. When this happens, marketers fall victim to creating overtly promotional or business-like content that ultimately scares away it ideal audience. But this can be easily fixed. By applying real-life tactics to a content strategy, marketers will come to find out how simple the process can be to reach their ideal customer in a natural way. That be said, start taking steps in your approach that matches the stage of the engagement you and your customers are currently in.

Most people put 90% in the approach and 10% in the outcome when it comes to marketing.

If you put more in your approach when dealing with your prospects, your outcome will happen at a higher rate than before. This, my friend, is the truth behind developing content that will never fail you.

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