In Honor of Valentine’s Day: 10 Things to Love About Marketing

by Jill Marber on

I love marketing
Happy Valentine’s Day. Today’s the day where thousands of lovebirds around the world buy each other roses and heart shaped boxes of candy (thanks to some pretty resourceful advertising tactics throughout history, but that’s another story). While everyone knows your profession is not going to take you to dinner and buy you diamonds, there is a lot to be said for loving your career. Therefore, in honor of this day celebrating love, below is a list of why marketers love marketing.

Love reason #1: Always Learning About New Products

In most jobs, you work with a handful of products or services, and you may do the same thing every day. Not the case in marketing and advertising. Depending on your situation, one day you are working on a website for a no-nonsense software company and the next you are creating a warm and fuzzy newsletter for a dog groomer. Switching gears on a daily basis always keeps you entertained and interested in what you do. Plus, you’re a hit at cocktail parties.

Love reason #2: Much to Choose From

The days where television, radio, print or billboards were your only options for advertising are long gone. Today television has hundreds of cable channels and interactive options, radio has paid or broadcast service, print has transformed into frequently online avenues, and billboards are still… billboards. Take that and add smart phone apps, email blasts and social outlets, and choosing the right media for your client is like a Vegas buffet.

Love reason #3: Constantly Learning About New Technology

Being in marketing and advertising, it is our job to know what new technology is hitting the marketplace. The latest and greatest technology isn’t always the best option for your client, but knowing about it keeps you prepared and may even offer inspiration.

It is all about target market, and reach.

Love reason #4: Helping with Your Client’s Success

As most of my clients are small to mid-size businesses, I am able to get to know them on a personal level. Being able to assist them in growing their business by creating an exciting campaign is a great feeling of accomplishment. Directed campaigns, such as sweepstakes or couponing, really bring home how much of an impact your ideas have made.

Love reason #5: Constant Inspiration

Whether it is 2AM or in the shower, most marketers are always thinking about their next great idea. Inspiration is all around us. Everyone gets blocked, but there are so many resources to get those creative minds thinking again. Many agencies are even transforming their own offices to be sources of inspiration.

Love reason #6: Knowing You Made a Difference

Being in marketing doesn’t mean just selling the next nifty trinket that someone will use for a year and then throw away for the next well-advertised knick-knack. Sometimes it means really making a difference. Our skills can be used for donation letters for non-profits, advertising for a fund raiser, or emotion inspiring website copy for a charity.

Love reason #7: Being an Idiot is Your Job

In no other industry can I think of where you are encouraged to be silly (with the exception of Google). Major ad houses install slides, video games, wacky conference tables and funny dress codes all in the name of generating creativity. And guess what, you’re expected to join the fun!

Love reason #8: Surprisingly Honest

The days of being compared to a used car salesman are over. Instead of touting advantages a product may or may not have, social media and regulations have demanded factual information. While some of the old timers may find this a challenge, I think the majority of marketers today find promoting the true benefits of a product more innovative.

Love reason #9: Always Getting Better

Advertising and marketing is always getting better. Look at the Super Bowl advertisements for example. Every year the general public expects something more shocking, more memorable and more effective. Every now and then I’ll see a replay of an old television commercial, and unless it is for the sake of nostalgia, the thought behind it is usually outdated, proving that ideas should not be recycled from one client to the next, and good advertising will always be fresh.

Love reason #10: They Make Movies and TV Shows About Us

From “Mad Men” to “Melrose Place” the television and movie industries love to focus on the drama of our chosen profession. Being grouped with gangsters, police officers, FBI agents, superheroes, and vampires sure makes advertising sound like an exciting and somewhat dangerous position. Although I have never been caught in the majority of circumstances our on screen counterparts find themselves in, I don’t mind my friends thinking I have a really cool job, because I think I do.


So there you have it. May you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and enjoy this day of heart shaped candy, cards and creative advertising.

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