A Small Challenge hindering B2B Content Marketing Success

by Jasmin on

How does content marketing fit into your marketing strategy? As an increasingly popular practice among B2B marketers, content marketing plays a key role in engaging prospective buyers before, during and after a sale. However, despite the increasing attention and adaptation to unique, custom content practices, B2B marketers are still finding it difficult to achieve content marketing success.

Studies performed over the course of this year proved that content creation efforts have increased from what they were in 2011. Brands are becoming smarter in their marketing strategies as to create sustainable measures of content production that actually produce results. A recent report by Curata notes that an astonishing 87% of B2B marketers are indulging in content marketing tactics to help them master the marketing landscape.


“In the B2B space, reaching content marketing success requires B2B marketers to universally adopt all things content in order to reach, talk to, and respond to their audiences throughout the sales cycle.”


The B2B Content Marketing Challenge

So, what are the two critical resources necessary for reaching B2B content marketing success?  Simply put: people and money. With a limited amount of talent encompassing the likes of most B2B marketing teams, room for specialization in certain areas, such as content, simply doesn’t exist. And with a lack of financial resources, brands are limited in their marketing practices, hence hindering the room for growth in future practices and campaign effectiveness.

Fun fact: 91% of B2B online marketers dabble in some form of content marketing.

Above all, creating content that counts is by far the most challenging aspect of the content marketing practice. Why? Because marketers lack the resources and editorial talent needed to create original, engaging content.  Hence, the effectiveness of most campaigns go rightfully unnoticed.

Content marketing challenges facing B2B marketers are expected to disappear overnight; but, in the meantime, affordable content marketing solutions are available to help brands (and their marketers) upgrade their strategies to better navigate the content marketing landscape.

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