About Us

Brand Red is a online marketing consultancy that improves small to medium-size businesses conversion strategy. We have applied our process

Outside sign at the Brand Red Panama City Beach Florida location

We have helped to grow clients in 9 languages in 22 countries.

Why business owners use us

  1. • We get to know your customers, prospects and audience like the back of our own hands. There’s a really specific psychology to everything these people do: from the way they browse for the product/service you offer, to the way they engage with your content, use your site, and ultimately make the decision to do business with your brand.

  2. • We redesign your brand to appeal to new audiences. It’s not always about having the most colorful or appealing website. It’s more about consistency, transparency and humanization to build trust – and that’s what we focus on.

  3. • We optimize each of your conversion funnels. Because no two prospects will be the same, and there are several traffic sources from which these prospects – who all have distinct needs and expectations – can use to get to your site.

  4. • We’ll help you out with anything and everything in between. We monitor digital trends, online behaviors, industry news, social stats, consumer segments and buying patterns, so there aren’t many things we are unable to help you do.

Experts in integrated communication design and search engine marketing, Brand Red builds digital marketing campaigns for brands. contact us today!

Our History

Brand Red started up in 2010, and we’ve been delivering on the promise every since.

Business Model

Brand Red is a marketing consulting business (NAICS Code: 541613) which provides digital strategy, marketing planning, and other services for helping brands build value and distinction in their online and offline touch points. Clients are given complete control over the services they receive through the use of a customized Brand Red Dashboard in which they can inquire about services, fund account, upload and download files, and submit and respond to service tickets.

Brand Red currently offers one account type: Client account. The company’s niche-specific clients include Fortune Vacation, Attorney Sync, Spectacle Marketing and Design, and The MaxOUT Group.

Company Structure

Brand Red employs around 20 people, most of which are remote employees. The Brand Red staff works across several main disciplines, including digital strategy, marketing planning and innovation, social engagement, and industry and niche research. The Brand Red team is evenly divided between web designers, content producers, marketing experts, graphic designers and social media pros who work in tandem with one another and clients to achieve project objectives that yield the highest levels of ROI, engagement, and recurring success.